A volunteering story by: Jessica Smith

Sara found a single mothers community, through her church, in which she volunteered at. Sara also has a single mother which is why she felt connected and picked this task. What the job entailed was going to the community and rennovating, re painting, and fixing up some of their homes as well as the surrounding area. She and friends had to fully repaint one of the homes that was in horrible condition. They also had to clean up the house in great detail. Sara helped make lunches as well, for those who live in the community.

They went at 9 in the morning until 5 at night. Her and her friends also spent time in previous day’s preparing things for this volunteer task. Although a very long day and a lot of hard work, taking on this task was so rewarding that it made it all worth it. Throughout the day they also got to play with many of the children that lived in the community. Sara said,” they were so thankful for everything we were doing.

They loved having visitors to play with. Most of them wanted to join in and help paint or clean. It was such a beautiful experience to be with such grateful children. After the task was finished the mothers came out with tears in their eyes. This was one of the best feelings I have ever felt, to this day.” Sara and her fellow volunteers had a strenuous day, but the hard work was all for people in need which made it much more manageable. She really enjoyed her role in this task, and looks forward to doing something similar in the future.

The Inspiration

Sara has been involved with her Catholic Church, Saint Bonaventure’s, since she was a little girl, and they have always been huge on mission work and volunteer work. She has always been interested in giving back and has took part in several different volunteer opportunities. This job particularly spoke to her on a different level than most others. Sara was inspired by her church to join in this volunteering activity.

She and friends joined together, motivated each other, and ultimately gave back to extremely grateful people. Volunteering was definitely a norm for Sara and many other people from her church. Sara stated, “all of my life, I have been very blessed and fortunate in many ways. I realized so many people are less fortunate than I, which is why I felt motivated to hopefully help them feel a little more fortunate.”

Sara had passed by this single mothers community multiple times, and always felt for them because she also has a single mother. Sara felt God put it on her heart and inspired her to give back to those whom she greatly relates to in the way that they are children with single mothers just like her. Although she and her mother are very well off, she felt inspired by their stories which is why she wanted to give back. Sara had a large connection with these mothers and children because she went, and is still going through, the same thing. All of these different aspects definitely are the things that inspired her to volunteer.

The Aha! moment…

She learned that there are so many people in the world that aren’t in the same financial situation that she and her friends are in. Also, basing it off of the people she did meet, they all had huge hearts and were some of the nicest, most grateful people she had ever come in contact with. A lot of people are quick to judge those that aren’t as well off or live in a similar situation, but Sara learned no one should ever do that because these people were so amazing. Sara explained, “seeing those less fortunate, and their living situations was such an eye opening experience. It caused me to want to continue to give back because they are so deserving and thankful. I learned so much from this great opportunity.”

Sara experiencing such a wonderful thing allowed her to realize that giving back is extremely important. It helped her to continue to volunteer and donate time because of how inspired and impacted she was from this. She also learned how big of a difference one person can make on someone else’s life.

It may seem almost impossible at times for an individual to impact a person or community so much, but through this, she learned it is very possible to accomplish. She shared this experience with me as well as a bunch of her other friends which allowed us to be inspired and motivated to hopefully experience something similar to this. Sara learned it is important to spread the word about volunteer work, so more people can go through this type of oppurtunity. This community service task truly taught her a lot of different life tools.

To summarize it in three words…

  • Inspirational
  • Motivational
  • Touching

Why should you do this

Sara truly was moved and definitely would recommend this specific volunteer work, or any other similar activities to anyone. Giving back to others has been one of the greatest experiences she has ever done. “This oppurtunity for me has been one of the most touching and moving experiences I have ever taken part in. I hope everyone gets to experience that feeling at least once in their lifetime,” Sara said. She feels like people would truly be missing out on such an honorable feeling if they never did something like this. Volunteering is such a rewarding experience which is why she definitely recommends it to any person interested.

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