A volunteering story by: narie phane

Hi my name is Marie and i feel that volunteering is a passionate thing. it should definitely be be done more often. im from haiti originally and i got a chance to live better life. i think everyone who’s less fortunate would want an opportunity for growth. if you’re like me, being as appreciative as i am of great opportunities i have been tossed in life its always good to give back. i think the best way to get to know your community and actually give back, and helping someone else. whatever it is you are good at can help someone else drastically. i’m a certified paralegal i’m still in school and work, but on my free times instead of sitting home and probably doing nothing surfing the net and forgetting the stuff i learned in school. i volunteer at this at “Williamson & Melendez law firm. its a 9-5 shift. i go answer calls for them and help them clean the offices. it also looks fantastic on my resume. i’ve done the same at Dorchester District court in Massachusetts. Community service/volunteer is just another way if keeping yourself busy and staying out of trouble.my time is split between schhool, work and volunteering in deifferent locations thst may need a helping hand

I interviewed this young man by the name Rolando Chambers i asked him if he Has volunteered anywhere before? Rolando said yes he volunteers at this women’s shelter called Rosie’s Place in Boston Massachusetts. He was incarcerated before and had to do community serve just for 40 hours. As he finished his community service years ago, he continues to provide the same help to them free of charge for many months more. He said that way if he ever gets a chance to be employed again, they will notice how consistent he is at a position that doesn’t even put money in his pocket; never mind getting paid for it. At rosie’s place he serves lunch and dinner to those that needs a free meal for the day. it can be homeless to regular women because everyone is welcomed he explained. Every day an approximately 230 poor and homeless women and kids can swing by the rosies place for a healthy lunch and dinner in the kitchen. Rolando actually take his time to serve the guess instead of them crowding up in a line to get their own food. these people are human being just like us so you treat them like you would want someone to treat you. So the duties he provided their was serving, cook, waiter etc. some position at the front desk to check staff as they come in. With shelters such as those that children attend its always important to know who’s entering the facility so it remains a safe environment at all time. What did you like about your role? He like the fact that it kept him out of trouble. he is a peoples person.


The Inspiration

He said no one inspired him, he got himself caught up with the law and instead of choosing jail time, he took community service at a non profit organization. it was just two options so he chose what was best for him. He also add if he had an opportunity to pay his way out of it, it would’ve been done, but he is glad that wasn’t an option. he got to know a lot of people, and the different and familiar faces he saw almost everyday. If he had just paid the fee, he probably would had ended up right back to the trouble life. he continued to volunteer after his hours were completely for good look on his resume and cause it made him feel good to know that he was helping another human being

What are other reasons you decide to stay? He wanted to make a difference in someone else’s life, like they gave him the opportunity to not be incarcerated. one person can always make a difference no matter how small of a thing you do. a helping goes along way. Every little act contributes to something way bigger. Volunteering can be a great experience. All of those things are memories that will last you for ever. one thing though you always have to enjoy what you are doing.

an other reason is to improve your attitude, health, persona and so on. helping others can make a positive change in thyself. makes you feel like you matter. Also some of the stuff you learn by volunteering you can bring back to your own world, you develop new skills. as you volunteer you always learning.

The Aha! moment…

He’s learnt that there is a million different ways to keep yourself active, you never know it might pay in the long run. He didn’t have the same amount of time for the streets anymore. Doesn’t necessarily means he lost he friends, but it did keep him far away from the drama. If you were to think of 3 words that come to mind about that volunteering experience, what would they ? Soothing, cause it keeps your mind at ease, you don’t have to look over your shoulders. Passionate because of the love for what you’re doing that put a smile on someone else’s face.

he earn that being part of something big is always good. volunteering doesn’t stop there for him. if a bunch of people came together and decided to contribute the world would be a better pace. it feels good to know someone’s life has been changed because of your simple help.

To summarize it in three words…

  • soothing,passionate,caring

Why should you do this

I definitely would recommend people to the volunteer work, specially people who likes to helps other. i would recommend for a variety of reason. Rolando explain even if you don’t think of it as volunteer work think of it as an exchange. the favors people has done for you in life, you are just returning it to a different group. Everyone needs support or help at least one point of their life, might not be now but someday. so while you have the opportunity to give the help, might as well do it because tomorrow it might be you who is in need of that help. life works in mysterious ways. there many ways of volunteering such as laboring, selfhelp,neibohoodwatch, and receptionist at a spot. you volunteer to share your skills, get to know a community, to keep busy, satisfaction from accomplishment, also a way of escaping the troubled life. Challenging yourself into something you thought wasn’t for you, definitely make new friends etc. sometimes you have to do what motivates you. as long as you know the reason you’re doing the volunteer work that’s all that matters. it can be personal reason doesn’t matter.

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