A volunteering story by: Jessica smith

Kaiser Permanente is a hospital in which MacKenzie decided to volunteer at. The job required a lot of tedious tasks and long hours. She had to go around the hospital, at first, doing a whole bunch of small tasks, sort of like busy work. She had to file things at the front desk or back rooms. Mackenzie also had to clean up around different areas of the hospital.

She swept, picked up, and sanitized different things throughout the day as part of her job. Mackenzie said, “even though the work doesn’t sound very fun, it was well worth it. The payoff in the end made the small, tedious tasks seem a whole lot easier.” She endured a lot of different, many times sick, people. Part of her job was to interact with these various people because she saw many of them around the hospital. Mackenzie had a pretty easy time doing this because she had a lot of experience in that aspect of meeting new people.

The main task the people donating their time to do community service there was to follow instructions with a happy heart. She specifically helped take care of one man, whom was very sick. She did various small, little things for him, but wounded up getting very connected. Mackenzie was so impacted by this man, she had a hard time holding back her tears. Although this wasn’t necessarily part of her required job, the words this man said effected her so much she went out of her way to do things for him.

The Inspiration

Mackenzie said,” I have always wanted to be a doctor, my whole entire life, so working at Kaiser hospital was a dream come true. I had been going here since I was a little girl, so to be a volunteer here was such an amazing experience.” Mackenzie learned about being able to fulfill her school community service through the hospital, so she jumped at the first chance she got.

It took her a lot of preparation and hard work to be able to get into the volunteer program, due to the large popularity, but she made sure it would happen. Because she has always wanted to be something in the medical field, this job was an inspiration through herself.

She volunteered because she truly has a great love for this type of project, and was genuinely excited to be donating her time to something she enjoys so much. Mackenzie also has a mother in the medical field, whom is a veterinarian assistant, which also played as an inspiration to do it. She grew up watching her mother take part in similar activities as working at a hospital, so it also impacted her to want to do it as well.

Another source of inspiration was that it would look great for her career ahead. She knew that working at Kaiser would definitely positively impact her resume. There were plenty of reasons why she chose to do her community service at this hospital, but ultimately she did it for herself which is why the payoff was so great.

The Aha! moment…

Mackenzie learned so many things while volunteering her time at Kaiser. She learned a lot of business-type skills, which are great to have under your belt. She learned to file properly, and even run different medical-type programs on the computer.

Mackenzie also learned a whole lot of social skills, due to the vast amount of people she had to interact with throughout the day. Another thing she learned was that the medical field is truly where she wanted to be, because she got to experience it first hand. This is probably the greatest gain she got from doing this. Mackenzie having gone through the life of a doctor for a period of time, truly helped her realize if that’s where she pictured herself later in life which is very important.

The man she was caring for that had such a great impact definitely taught her so many things. They became extremely close throughout the entire experience. She said,” he helped me realize that life is so short, and I needed to be doing what made me the happiest. I shared so much with him, as did he, and our friendship kept me so intrigued.

One of the last times I saw him, he said to me, ‘don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t accomplish something. For you, anything is possible.’ I know it seems sort of cliché, but I truly believed in his words. That friendship was one of the best things to come out of volunteering there.” Mackenzie learned so many incredible things from doing community service there, and they will continue to impact her forever.

To summarize it in three words…

  • Educational
  • Rewarding
  • Impacting

Why should you do this

Mackenzie really does recommend that everyone volunteers at least once in their lives. She took away so many positive, great things from the experience. Mackenzie made really good friendships with people she normally may not have, which was one of the best rewards she got out of it. She also learned where she truly wanted to be as an adult by volunteering as well. Community service has the ability to teach people so much, Mackenzie really hoped that other people would try it out.

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