Feed my starving children

A volunteering story by: Alan

Volunteering at Feed My Starving Children is truly an amazing experience. As soon as you walk in to one of the locations you get a very welcoming feeling. Before you walk into the main room where the volunteer work gets done you have to put on a hairnet that they provide which myself and others truly appreciated for overall cleanliness because we are handling food. After I signed myself in on the computer they prompt you to the multiple benches lying before a projector screen where they give you the facts about the organization. The presentation lasted about 10-15 minutes where they explain how to handle and package the food. The group that I had the opportunity to work with was around 32 people of all ages from children to parents. All with bright smiles and prepared to help. The ways in which you can help are bagging the food, placing expiration date stickers onto empty bags, refilling the rice and soy bins, and helping out the warehouse crew by collecting packed boxes and placing them onto a pallet ready to be shipped. Having a variety of these jobs available makes it easier for everyone to join in. For instance if you are not able to stand for the hour and fifteen minutes that it requires to package the food you can put expiration dates onto the bags. During this experience I was put into the warehouse crew where my task was to pick up the full boxes and tape them shut then place them onto a pallet. How the task works is that everyone has a job that equally benefits for the final product to be shipped to a child in need in the specific country that you are donating to that day. One job is to scoop the rice, soy, and vitamins into the bag all tools are provided in such an organized manner where the only thing that is missing is a pair of hands. Next the bag gets weighed so it meets specifications. After the bag has been weighed it gets handed off to the designated sealer who has to be 18 years of age or older because the job requires you to use a heat sealer who has to make sure there are no openings in the bag before being packaged into the box provided. After the box is full a warehouse crew volunteer picks up the box and then tapes it shut and onto a pallet ready to be shipped to a child in need.

The Inspiration

I heard about Feed My Starving Children through high-school and how my classmates always talked about how great there experience was. The way my classmates spoke about this organization and the difference that it makes was really inspiring. I chose to volunteer upon realizing how little time you can give can make such a difference. It took just an hour and a half of my day to become part of a community that truly wants to help others in need. As a teenager it seemed like everyday there was something going on in the world where others were experiencing poverty, malnourishment, bullying, and so forth. To me it was very difficult to understand how this could be happening, I wanted to help but you cant go very far out of your community being 14 years young. As I got into my late teen years and realizing that you don’t need to go to the places where help is needed in order to help. I heard about Feed My Starving Children and went to their webpage which explains what they do and how they do it and how I can help out. They made it very simple to take action and become a part of my community that takes time out of their day to put in a little work to benefit a child who suffers from hunger and malnourishment. I believe the true reason I decided to volunteer was because I realized how lucky I am to have a roof over my head when I go to sleep at night, how thankful I am that I don’t have to go hungry for more than six hours and that I don’t have to see my friends and family suffer from poverty that much of the world is going through.

The Aha! moment…

There are a lot of positive things that I learned from my experience volunteering and no negative ones. I’ve learned how little time it takes to have an impact on someones life. Noticing how many people around me that are taking initiative to better an individuals life in need of help. After my experience volunteering I can truly be thankful for what I have around me and realizing the unfortunate truth that no matter how bad a moment can emotionally and physically make me feel that there is someone out there that is experiencing something much worse and living through brutal conditions on a daily basis. This makes me appreciate the little things in life that make me a better person every day. Its a very satisfying feeling that although there are times I have to go to school and work that during those hours people are volunteering to make a difference in the world. I never understood that being thousands of miles away from areas of the world where there are severe epidemics of disease and children suffering from hunger that I would be able to make a positive impact on their lives until I started to volunteer. I’ve found who I am and who i’d like to become and thats someone who will always give more to others than what is given to me.

To summarize it in three words…

Beneficial, thankful, inspiring

Why should you do this

I think that if everyone could take some time out of there day or even just a few hours out of a week to volunteer the difference that it could make in the world would be unimaginable. Volunteering doesn’t just benefit people in need it can make you become a better person overall from becoming wiser to having a more positive outlook. Its a way to get out of all the distractions that comes upon someone during there everyday routine. I recommend volunteering to everyone, it doesn’t matter who it may be it matters who they can become after giving a little time to better themselves and another’s life in need.

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