Eagles Community Club

A volunteering story by: Cole Hobert-Swanson

The Eagles Community Club is an organization based out of the Rocky mountains near Ogden, Utah. They combine multiple LDS communities during the summer at there camp site near a river that follows the cannons. It is here┬áthat Heidi volunteered as a staff member for multiple events from corn shucking to bingo, but i will get to that in a little. Heidi’s friends volunteered every year here and pretty much knew everyone, it is a great atmosphere filled with smiling faces and great memories.

Heidi helped run bingo during the day in between lunch an dinner times, we would use gummy bears to cover the bingo boards all the children loved it while the adults focused on winning prizes specifically for everyday necessities, such as gift cards to grocery stores, and even school supplies for children. Heidi’s favorite event was the duck race, It is an event that takes place at the lodge of the campsite right next to the river, in this event they put a color flag on the ducklings and let them all go at the same time, the first duck to pass the lodge is the winner and the person that chose that duck wins a prize(no ducks were harmed in the process of the duck race).

Heidi was with other staff members and children who got to release the ducks and retrieve them, it was quite the debacle she told me. Some of the younger children questioned the ducks and didn’t know how to respond to there feathers and there webbed feet it made them curious. Thankfully the ducks were used to being handle as they were pets of one of the volunteers. Everyone always enjoys the laughter and the company of others around them having a great time, when you can bring multiple different people, such as there age, color, and gender together to have the same great time it is moment worth living and feeling. Every year Heidi lived in Ogden she took part in the Eagles Community Club, She said it was an incredible experience that she wouldn’t trade for the world.

The Inspiration

Heidi was inspired to volunteer for the Eagles Community Club, from her work, which was the Eagles, a business focused on entertainment in Ogden she was inspired to do more from the integrity from her co workers. She wanted to give back to the great community she had become apart of and show compassion to others like they were showing towards her.

It was a great atmosphere everywhere the club went, giving back to the community was a great experience that gave me confidence in helping others and reaching out to those who are less fortunate and being there, whether that be helping them move, to just being there to hear the struggle of others.

Sometimes people just need someone to not really vent too, but express too, being able to let go of stress and emotion to someone who can come to a level of realization with them is an incredible lesson volunteering taught Heidi. Isn’t that why we all volunteer? So we can connect to others experience things different everyday, continue this journey we call life and learn from everything we encounter? Enough questions, Heidi was involved in multiple volunteering experiences, but one thing that stayed he same throughout every experience was the people surrounding her, the atmosphere that surrounded them, and the compassion that filled her from these experiences. One day Heidi stated she would return to the Eagles Community Club, she describes her memories as nothing less of enjoyment and unexpected integrity filled with understanding.

The Aha! moment…

The Eagles Community Club taught Heidi a plethora of lessons, as stated in the previous response towards the volunteering side, but wasn’t stated in the volunteering response was the lesson of Humility.

Being in the Eagles Community Club there was a shared trait among every volunteer, Humility towards doing for others before doing for yourself, giving up not really your self worth to theirs, but being compassionate enough to care for them just like your family. Now that last statement has no relation to giving them money, or paying for something for them, but to be there for them, communicate with them, participate with people whom they have never met before, that was one great thing about the Eagles Community Club it grew.

As stated briefly in the previous response, to volunteering Integrity was another strong attribute to the Eagles Community Club,(On a personal note I feel Integrity is one of the most important things lacked today in society, but there is one thing I notice, when I show Integrity in pubic it is usually supported by others surrounding me) the workers of the Eagles organization that volunteered all gave there time not for money which was even better about the whole coming together of the atmosphere and overall family presence that the club represented. This taught Heidi a lot about her fellow co workers, it set a great inspiration for her as stated in the previous response.

To summarize it in three words…

  • Humility
  • Compassion
  • Integrity

Why should you do this

Heidi Stated “I would recommend anyone to reach out and find an organization or even something inside your community that gives back to less fortunate, I had an unforgettable experience volunteering for my organization and encourage others to be apart of others life’s.”

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