A volunteering story by: Jennifer Rachel Hay

Mr. Weilhammer volunteered for Bingo night fundraisers at the Cardinal Ritter High School. He assisted with the set up process by putting out tables and chairs, tablecloths, etc. He also helped with the tear down process by emptying trash, sweeping and mopping the floors in the cafeteria, as well as cleaning and stocking the bathrooms. Then, of course, putting the tables and chairs away again. Mr. Weilhammer, also volunteered his help with the school’s Alumni Association Golf Tournament. Mike contributed by cooking, or more specifically, grilling food, which he insisted he enjoyed immensely! He also attended to the clean up process by cleaning trash from the golf course then cleaning up trash, dishes and tables in the banquet hall area before folding up and putting away chairs and tables. Finally sweeping and mopping to complete the clean up. Mike donated his time for sporting events as well, volunteering to feed the players and support team. He made as many as one hundred fifty sandwiches and served them afterwards, a variety of snacks and liquid refreshments were also set out for the hungry group. Per usual, Mike always assisted with the clean up procedure, picking up trash and wiping down and putting away tables, chairs, etc. Mike volunteered many, many times for cleaning as it was necessary but unpopular. He did it all with a smile and no complaints I am certain.

The Inspiration

For Mike, volunteering just made sense. He had the time and energy to give and the school needed parental support with it’s many and varied events. Mike told me that he felt the need to inspire his son’s generation by being a good role model and part of being a good role model is giving back to your community whenever it’s needed, and however it’s needed as long as you are able to. During our conversation he also mentioned that he just likes to help people as best as he can. Helping others makes Mr. Weilhammer feel happy. Included in the reasons Mike enjoyed volunteering his help at the school was the fact it gave him quality time with his son and friends. He felt that it helped to keep them close which increased his happiness. Although the school actively encouraged the parents to volunteer for events, Mike was very proactive in his approach to helping out the school community and often volunteered before being asked by any of the coordinators. Mike said that he was always more than happy to help and enjoyed talking to the other volunteers and participants, he stated that he liked how sociable it could be and very much enjoyed seeing the appreciation on the faces of so many. Mike appears to be the very best sort of volunteer, willing to do anything needed to help and always maintaining a sunny attitude even while performing menial tasks, ready with a lending hand at a moments notice.

The Aha! moment…

Mike says he took out of the experience what he put into it. Namely a lot of enjoyment. He told me that he found helping people is not as much work as you might think. He learned to not only think about others but to watch for situations that may prove advantageous to helping others out in ways they may not realize were even available to them. Take a very hands on approach. Don’t wait for someone to ask for your help, if you see they need help now, or might possibly need soon, just offer, then do it. Do it right away. Most of Mr. Weilhammer’s recent volunteer work centered around his son’s school but he said he has done enough volunteer work to see the benefits of serving our communities is good for everyone and he realizes how happy it has made him to be able to help others in so many ways, most of which he claims to be very simple ways.

To summarize it in three words…

  • Happy, to, help

Why should you do this

Mr. Weilhammer definitely endorses volunteer work. It makes a person feel good about themselves and their relationship to others in their community. Mike believes it is simply the right thing to do, helping others whenever possible. If someone needs help and you can do it….. there’s no good reason not too. It’s mostly easy stuff people ask for volunteers on anyway in his very forthright opinion. Always do what you can, do it the best
you can, and do it with a smile. Smiles make everything better, I agree 100% 😀

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