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When you’re ordered by the courts to perform community service you are usually given a set amount of hours in a time limit in completing those hours of service. If this service is not completed within the time allowed by the courts it becomes a probation violation and then you will have to return to court and will either be sent to jail or you will incur more hours’ community service. Depending on the severity of your case and your actions the judge will inform you on what type of specific community service you will perform. If that is not the case and you are not informed by the judge in the falls in your hands as to what types of community service you wish to do.


If at that point you request from your probation officer what type of community service you can perform you will be given a short list of activities that you can do. This list usually consists of city projects that are anything from cleaning up roadside debris, cleaning parks and recreation facilities, planting flowers on city property, painting within city buildings and in Chicago snow shoveling in the wintertime which can be very heavy at times.


That is the procedure that usually happens with court-ordered community service and most individuals take that route because that was what was given. Unfortunately for many nonprofit organizations they are cheated by the court systems because there are many that allow court ordered community service to be performed within their organization yet are unknown because the information was not given. So be aware that there are other nonprofit organizations that allow individuals to do community service that had been court-ordered and they do need your help.


So if you are looking for other opportunities to perform your community service other than the cities services do a search for nonprofit organizations that are in need of volunteers. Then make sure that you are able to perform your court-ordered community service through your probation officer. Most communities including Chicago offers soup kitchens that are in need of volunteers this is a community service that will directly impact individuals immediately by filling their belly’s with a good breakfast or dinner. A great location to find soup kitchens in Chicago Illinois that are looking for volunteers is the Greater Chicago Food Depository that can be found at at their website can find contact information to various soup kitchens throughout Chicago.


If you wish to be more involved but wish to the individuals that are not able to help themselves and take a look at the elderly to provide assistance to. A national program that has been around for some time and has proven to help the elderly with companionship and hunger is the meals on wheels program of Chicago. There you can find the need for volunteer help in the areas of administrative, home modification that allows people with disabilities to achieve maximum independence and meal delivery. To find more information visit


A nonprofit organization that is high in the list of these types of organizations and is based out of Chicago Illinois that has organizations throughout the world is the Easter Seals disability service. Their mission is to help people and families deal with disabilities and for those individuals with disabilities to achieve their goals. The Easter Seals have helped thousands since their inception in many different ways. The Easter Seals of Metropolitan Chicago offer many opportunities in many different locations throughout Chicago for individuals to volunteer. To find a listing of all the locations within Metropolitan Chicago visit and make a difference.


Another top notch nonprofit organization to perform community service as a volunteer would be the YMCA. If accepted you may have the ability to help in many ways from mentioning or tutoring a child, to coaching a youth sports team, possibly refereeing a youth sports game, assisting with landscaping maintenance or serve as a front desk greater. At the Y. there are many volunteer opportunities available to suit your personal talents to help others. Over 20 locations throughout metropolitan Chicago and many different activities in each one it is best to look up to find the nearest location to you.


So it is important to note that when you have been ordered perform community service in Chicago Illinois is not always what they give you that you must perform. If for any reason they tell you that you must go somewhere than that is what it is. But if not then the choice is yours as long as all agree.


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