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When you are ordered by the courts to perform community service is always mandated what services are acceptable in the courts eyes. The courts do not accept companies that are profit orientated companies to have service performed because of the profit that is involved which makes it against the law to do so. If an individual is ordered to do community service and does through a profit orientated company and does not have it approved by the courts chances are it will be rejected as community service. Therefore when doing your community service make sure before hand you are doing it for a company or organization that is approved by the courts as community service. Typically only nonprofit organizations are the only ones that are allowed to have community service performed other than working for state or city municipalities.


Throughout the United States of America there are literally thousands of nonprofit organizations that qualify as places to perform your community service. However some organizations do not request community service to be performed by individuals that have been ordered by the court and this is their rights to do so. Therefore make sure that you are approved by the organization to work for them under a court order to perform community service and that they will make knowledge to the courts that you have performed services for them.


The American Red Cross is a national nonprofit organization that you may consider to work for through your court order community service. This organization was formed in the late 1800s and has stood the test of time with help and support to others. Many today recognize it as a plasma (blood) donation area that assists hospitals in the supply of plasma to patients that are in dire need and that is just one area that the American Red Cross participates in. They have a vast network of support to individuals throughout America and are usually one of the first organizations to respond to individual needs after disasters yet big or small but a disaster to an individual.


Habitat for Humanity is a national nonprofit organization that does allow individuals to work off their court-ordered community service. This organization is fairly new compared to most nonprofit organizations but has been time-tested with its help towards others. This organization with the help of volunteers create living environments (homes) for families that are unable to afford a home and have been living in homeless shelters for extended periods of time and have nowhere to turn. The organization makes the home and gives it away to the needy family at no cost to them other than working on their own home.


The YMCA yes is a nonprofit organization that has been in existence within the United States for over 150 years. Standing for the Young Men’s Christian Association its initial sole purpose was to help young boys stay away from drugs and alcohol within their depressed areas that they lived. Today the Association is open to all men and women, Christian or not to help mentor individuals and families to cope with problems within a friendly safe environment of enjoyment.


Another nonprofit organization throughout America that has been in existence for quite some time is the Salvation Army. With the help of volunteer individuals and donations of all types their purpose is to supply goods to individuals at a free or a considerably reduced rate. The goods range from clothing, furniture, appliances, and many other daily living materials that a family or individual may need. Throughout the year they collect funds to help their cause that no child be without a present for Christmas that they distribute to thousands of families in need throughout the country.


The Boys and Girls Club of America is an organization that helps to mentor boys and girls to become stronger well rounded individuals in society. We’re schools lacked the funds the Boys and Girls Club of America takes on the challenge in helping the children not to be left behind, not to be left out, and to grow as individuals.


This is just in some of the national nonprofit organizations to consider for your court ordered community service but these organizations and many others in today’s times are in dire need of community help be it financial or volunteering. In searching the area that which you live, you are sure to find nonprofit organizations that will be more than happy to take your help so they may continue their good will towards others.

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