When you ordered by the court to perform community service there are different options that may be taking to complete the order of service. In the pursuit of finding a community service, time is of the importance because the deadline has been set by the courts. There are times however that the courts will specify what type of community service you have to perform but most of the time is left to the individual to pursue. At the time that you are aware that you have to perform community service is important to ask your probation officer to know exactly how many hours you have to perform the service, and what options are available depending on your core operation with them will reflect with the core operation you are given. This may be a list of areas to go or a website to look at the places listed, or they may direct you to do a search on the Internet and get back with them for approval.


It is not the job of your probation officer to find a community service for you; it is your job to search out and find all that you need to do to satisfy the courts. So when searching for community service to if you do not have the use of the computer go to the library they are free to use and look up court ordered community service jobs in your area. This type of search will allow you to locate a place within your area to perform the order. Registering is an important task with a service area because they may not wish for your services at the time so other searches must be done. If the time is given for you to report make sure to take the individual’s name and be there when you are scheduled to work. If for any reason you are unable to make it you should report to them so they know.


So when searching for a service to perform try to look for something that you know or somewhere you would like to help out. Depending on the area that you live there may be many opportunities or there may not be if that is the case you may always try to be creative and ask if you can perform a service that is not available in the area. In doing so be sincere in your efforts to help others proving to the courts that it is worthwhile in doing.


Most areas that have community service jobs have some general ones; some can be found in performing outside activities that involve cleaning an area or maintaining an area that which you live around. Outdoor work can consist of planting flowers, picking up highway roads, helping the elderly with their landscaping needs or taking a handicapped person out to the park. Another area of service is performing administrative work for a nonprofit organization such as filing, bookkeeping, or sending out letters of recognition or requesting support. Health service related work is often in need for individuals to help in their cafeteria, visiting patients, and assisting visitors to the hospital. Education related work can be an aid to the school lunch program, assisting administration with helpful tasks, and maintaining the facility.


Depending on the community and the needs that which they have will determine what areas at the time needed help.  A very big nonprofit organization to work for it is usually always looking for help is the Red Cross where you can do many things of good to help the society. Some areas might be helping out with blood drives, assisting with donations that need to be separated, and also administrative help. Nonprofit churches are also looking for service with help in their food pantry’s, feeding the poor, and general labor areas within their buildings.


As you can see there are many areas than individual can complete their court ordered community service hours but if procrastination is taken in completing the service hours consequences can be inflicted upon you by the courts. This is done so because of the fact that community service is a privilege by the courts instead of jail time. So again take the time now to apply yourself in completing your court ordered community service hours.

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