I was required to complete 80 hours of community service by May. I was running out of time to get them done. I had to worry about work, school, and just life in general. I thought “there has to be a way to complete them online, in my own spare time”. I went to a few sites that all seemed like scams, and then I came across one web service that offered online court ordered volunteering hours by participating in online research on social problems… because I have always had a heart for social problems, so I wanted to find out more information I emailed about how to complete hours. I got a quick reply that was a good sign I wasn’t getting scammed. I took the course, and I was fascinated that it was so interactive. There were questions that make you think about your contribution to social problems in our country. The course has open ended questions that challenge you to think about yourself in a global context. There were short movies to watch, questionnaires, and quizzes about a wide variety of social issues. Some of the subjects covered include sexism, racism, discrimination, and prejudice. The course also incorporates sources from other organization which increases the validity of the course, and the program in general. I was such a strong supporter of the program I wanted my university to use it in their curriculum. I got started with the course and I couldn’t stop. It was a quick, easy, and educational way to complete my hours and I would refer it for anyone that has an ear or an eye for social problems.

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