As the courts are being inundated with new cases every day, many are seeking for new and more innovative solutions for how to deal with the rise in of DUIs and other similar activity across the country.  It is clear that the traditional practice of locking them away for a time (no matter how short) is not the most effective approach.

One alternative means of punishing offenders is to impose community service for less offensive crimes.  You’ve probably seen them around your community and not realized who they were. Some may be picking up litter on the streets, others may be cleaning up the public parks, or they may be tidying up a few abandoned and neglected areas around town; converting them into gardens and playgrounds here and there.  In some cities, they may work through the winter months aiding the elderly and disabled or they may be involved in an entire host of community projects, all in an effort to work off the sentence.

This type of service works well for a number of reasons.  First, it doesn’t just remove the offender from society but compels the individual to give back to the community.  As a result, he or she may be feel more inclined to support it rather than make offenses once their sentence is over.

While the above mentioned community services are common in most cities, there are numerous other means of serving a sentence that can be equally as beneficial to the individual as well as the public.

Local Charities

The city of Columbus is full of local charities that are in need of volunteer workers.  There are also a number of nationally recognized organizations like Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, and the Salvation Army that can help you to serve your time. These are obvious choices but you can also find a charity or organization that you personally support and feel passionate about.  Here are a few examples:

The Neighborhood House: It’s goal is to support children, families, and singles in their efforts to be self-sufficient.  They offer programs like child care, after school programs that offer tutoring and other educational activities for K-12 students; drug and alcohol counseling for adults; and transportation, shopping assistance, health education, and social events for seniors. For single parents with children under the age of 2 they offer health and nutrition guidance and a host of other programs that a volunteer can engage in.

A Kid Again: If you’re interested in working with children suffering from life threatening illnesses, A Kid Again could be a very rewarding opportunity for you.  Volunteers work at helping these young ones to have fun again through taking them to various destinations, creating adventures and activities that can bring some level of normalcy to their life.  For more information about this type of service email them at [email protected].


If you’re concerned about the environment, you can choose organizations that are working in that area.  Keep in mind that nonprofit organizations are not required to accept court ordered volunteers, so choose something that you are already passionate about and you have a better chance of convincing them that you want to be there rather than you’re there because you have to be.

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