Rescue Church Sunday School

A volunteering interview by: Amanda DaSilva

Gabriel Pereira hasn’t done much volunteering but the work that he has done seems quite extraordinary. He has volunteered at Rescue Church in North Miami every Sunday for a couple of months in his life and has had an amazing time with each second of it. Every Sunday morning more than a two dozens of kid’s dash into their seats ready to soak their brains with information on their religion. During the course of the hour and a half that the children sit and do lots of fun filled activities. After, the children run out and play in the playground that’s nicely set up for them until their parents come and pick them up. The highlight of his day is seeing all the kids smile after knowing they’ve finally got an answer right. “When I’m the cause of a little kid’s laughter my stomach fills with satisfaction” says Gabriel. “I love it when they sing along to the church songs so carefree and blissful” he adds. At the end of the day Gabriel feels accomplished with his work. He said the he went at least twice a week and bought lots of little books that told amazing stories about the bible like his grandfather once did to him as a child. He feels like it is his duty to carry that on as a religious young man. He recalls making lots of maps with all of the little kids making the situation nice and sticky. He would sometimes read to them and leave them begging for Jesus’ next conquest. He directed them to the gospels to talk about all the miracles that Jesus once made and tried to make them learn how to have faith in not only god but themselves. He showed them how to draw the holy figures from the bible so it would stay imprinted in their minds forever. He taught each and every one of them how to pray at in the morning, in the evening, and at night. Ending the classes discussion with a final prayer and thanks for everything god has done and will continue doing in each and every one of their lives.

The Inspiration

Gabriel is greatly inspired by his mom and dad who started coming to church with him since he reached the age of two. Gabriel said that making his parents proud was all that matters to him since an early age. He remembers going at such an early age everyday to Sunday school with his mind open and ready to learn all about god. Gabriel is significantly inspired by all the other volunteers who also wake up early and get ready for the same reason he does. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to carry on volunteering due to the excessive amounts of work he receives in college but he has high hopes that sometime in the near future he will volunteer and continue the teachings of his beliefs. “My grandfather used to tell me a bunch of stories from the bible and I fell in love with them day by day, I will continue to tell them even to my own future children” says Gabriel. Gabriel couldn’t believe the amount of teens that were inspired by his teachings in the short amount of time he had demonstrating them that teens just like him also began to volunteer. “It’s an amazing feeling to know that your community also likes to give back.” Yes, indeed it is Gabriel.His mother used to read him the bible almost every night before he fell asleep and some kids don’t get the luxury of that all the time. He is glad that he has more than two dozen kids patiently waiting for him to read the next verse.

The Aha! moment…

Being part of this teaching organization shows Gabriel that there are people out there willing to help if you, yourself show the effort. He wasn’t afraid to give back to his religion or his people like they have gave to him. He realized that not only was he educating the little lives before him, he was also educating himself and the people around him. He said it felt amazing knowing that he was doing something that could benefit not only him but others. He was spreading religion to all the little souls around him slowly but surely he got it! The church was very proud of his work which gave him the recognition of a man of god. His work with the children taught him patience since children can be a hassle at times according to Gabriel. It has also taught him that sometimes what you do brings love to the people and love brings people together.

To summarize it in three words…

Rejoice, Fulfilling, Influential

Why should you do this

Because at Rescue Church you’re all one big family and in a family you all have to give to one another. He views volunteering in a way to give back to all the families that come and praise to help the church grow more and more each day. Gabriel strongly recommends for people to volunteer and also give back to all these nurturing families. From time to time when he has the time he notices how powerful the influence of one person can be.

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