Delta Rehabilitation Center

A volunteering interview by: Khalid Saliem

Balasim is a busy lady. She is working as a tutor in the local community of south Seattle. Also she worked as nurse assistant with a local health service provider. For her volunteering is a commitment that everyone should think about doing and find time for it. She believes that anyone has the ability to volunteer, no matter of their age, situation or type of profession.
When she was nurse assistant she volunteered at Delta Rehabilitation Center in Snohomish, Washington.

Balasim’s activities while volunteering was to wake up the rehab center’s patients early in the morning, perform personal hygiene for them, change their clothes, prepare the food and take them for some activity.

The Inspiration

Balasim’s dad had inspired her to do volunteering since she was young. Her dad was the principal of her school. She was watching how he organized volunteering work for the school, he worked with the students to plant trees inside the school, water them, and clean the class rooms. Also she saw him as an active member of her community, campaigning to make neighbors participate in helping others who are in need, by donating money, or give a hand in any way they can.

Balasim believes volunteering truly is love in action and it is a good thing that is why she volunteered. She is proud of herself, as she helped others, made new friends, exposed to other cultures and learned from them’.

The Aha! moment…

I learned from this volunteering experience that I can make a good impact in my community, volunteering is a great way to meet new people, with common interests, and can build a good social network.

To summarize it in three words…

Participate, learn, network

Why should you do this

I would recommend all people to volunteer because they can benefit much from it. Volunteering increases your social and relationship skills, helps make new friends and people will have fun.

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