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The economy throughout the country has placed more pressure on the state’s to come up with unique ways to save on their own personal hardships. The economic battle of saving money Los Angeles California is no exception to the rule. Unemployment, the housing boom, and the stock market have all contributed to the many problems that we face today. As times become harder crime rate goes up in the form of prostitution, alcoholism DUIs, and petty thefts that just compound the problem with the over population of prison inmates in our jail systems. The trickle-down effect is clearly apparent; reduced funding from the federal government makes the state government cut programs in the cities. Cities today faced with economic burdens had to choose between maintaining their pleas of our department compared to city park programs.


Major cities throughout America like Los Angeles are making tough choices to cut back on programs like the Parks and recreation activities, clearing of vacant lands, and major cutbacks school activities not only sports but the arts as well. Furthermore the nonprofit organizations are slipping away and the lack of community service programs are causing a devastating hit to the elderly, our youth, the homeless, the poor, those mentally challenged, the handicap and the weak.


Court order community service ideas in Los Angeles and California as a whole needs to be further widen and mandated to help preserve our society as a whole in combating the hard times of today. For example, Path-people assisting the homeless is a nonprofit community service organization that has a motto” A hand up, not a hand out” because this organization believes in helping those in need who are also ready to help themselves. The program not only provides food, clothing, and living area but also coaches in plans with these individuals so as to become self-sufficient to provide for themselves. They provided employment center and teach skills to individuals for better employment in this environment. Path is able to do this through the help of volunteers in many different areas of there organization. Volunteers are sought to do everything from teaching, to the picking up of clothing donations and household furniture, participating in administrative duties and comforting individuals that are down on their luck. If this sounds of any interest to you and they’re looking for service hours to perform you may continue searching your interests at www.epath.org they are located at 2346 Cotner Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90064 or by calling them at 310-996-0034.


If you’re searching for the greatest impact in your community to perform a service one of the greatest areas and most rewarding is working with the kid because that’s where our future lies. Coach Art is a program that allows you to work with children in your area to provide them mentoring through the art of coaching with experiences that you have obtained. Through the help of their staff they will determine your qualifications in cooking, sports, the arts or just reading to children possibly for where you may be able to coach a child or children. People and children alike are amazed at what they can do in the staff will help you in your discovery of being a coach to these children in your area. Of course depending on the severity of your crime will determine whether or not you will be accepted but there’s only one way to find out. For information on the nonprofit organization to perform community service please look into Coach Art at www.CoachArt.org located at 3303 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 320 Los Angeles California or by calling 213-736-2850


There are many other programs that individuals can do community service by helping children with out being the center of attention but by helping in other ways. One that is very favorable throughout the country and in Los Angeles is by donating your time to the Ronald McDonald House were helping sick children and families cope with the problems can be a huge benefit to those individuals. To find out more information please e-mail [email protected] or the volunteer help line at 323-644-3088.


So you have to do a court order community service in Los Angeles California; ideas in helping you make the choice are where can you make the greatest impact, what your community really needs help with, who are the people that need the help in the area that which you live and how do you intend to do it. Court order or not performing a community service in your area can have a dramatic change in the way things are today.

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