Court House

You have been ordered by the courts to do community service; what this means is that you will have to give your time and perform service within the area around you that which you live. Court order is informing you that this is not an option and you will have to perform this service or you will be sent to jail and be given even more service hours to complete. Community service is given in exchange to you going directly to jail or as a reduced sentence in your jail time but it is not something that is to be ignored or taken lightly because this is a benefit to you and the court system has no sympathy to those that have been given a break from jail to do community service and do not oblige. Individuals performing community service should be appreciative to the court system for allowing them to serve their community in stead of being locked up in a cage for an extended period of time.


Now that you’re aware of what community services; let’s look at some important things of what to keep in mind when earning community service hours. An important fact to remember when being ordered by the court is that there is a definite deadline in completing the community service hours. The courts are not in the habit of giving open ended orders instead they order a specific amount of hours you have to be given to the community and also a deadline in performing those community service hours therefore it is extremely important to take action immediately in your search of community service hours that you may perform. Some of the better jobs available may not be always open to perform service in and may be hard to find so it is important to start your search immediately after being ordered by the court.


In doing community service hours individuals that have to perform these hours tend to look for the most favorable jobs to do so it is important to have multiple options at least two if there are no openings available in the first one that you select. If you put all your eggs in one basket and do not allow yourself options you may fail in completing your time. Once again failure is not an option in the courts eyes; if you cannot do physical labor there are opportunities to do mental labor but you have to find those opportunities by searching and asking for help and not from the judge while you are being reviewed. You can find information on the Internet, through your local library, your lawyer and most importantly your probation officer.


In dealing with anything pertaining to the courts is extremely important to keep extensive documentation on all your plans and doings within the court system. If you have contacted an establishment that those community service and you are planning to work for them obtain it in writing so that you have proof your probation officers and the court that you’re attempting to fulfill your service hours. At times because of overbooking individuals may not be needed and you may be sent home with out complaining your service hours this is why it is important to have more than one option in choosing where to perform service hours and have documentation to prove to the courts you have been trying to complete your service hours.


By keeping extensive documentation is also important to get confirmation and clarity on who will sign your forms at community service Center that you are working at. Also importantly is to obtain authorization to work at a community service Center by your probation officer and have that form signed by them that it is acceptable to work there in completing your service hours. You as an individual had no authorization in stating what service center you are able to work for only the courts can approve through the use of your probation officer what areas are available. In other words you cannot work for your uncle Frank’s carwash and say you performed community service it does not work like that.


When earning community service hours it is imperative to have frequent communication with your supervisor; having them sign off on your hours of work daily because these individuals work with many in when you are out of sight you are out of mind. Equally important is constant communication without being overbearing toward your probation officer in making sure that you are performing to the courts standards in fulfilling their community service hours.

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