Court Ordered Community Service Ideas in Houston Texas

Court mandated community service hours ideas in Houston Texas are available in many different areas and aspects to volunteer in. Be aware though that they must be approved by the courts for your service hours. Also make sure you have contact information and names of the individual services that you will be working for. Equally important is your paperwork and timesheet that the courts will require you to have to prove you have completed your community service hours in full that were mandated by the court.


In your search of nonprofit organizations that you will be allowed to work for is important to remember to look for not only the big organizations but as well as a small and to look in areas that you have knowledge. To begin with some ideas that start off with the American Red Cross of Houston Texas. The American Red Cross has been in existences is a nonprofit organization for quite some time to assist communities and individuals in many different ways. The areas where they help is on distinct military families, assistant after disasters, health and safety, classes on health and safety, humanitarian needs, and of course blood donations. The organization relies on many volunteers in cooperation paid staff in the pursuit of helping individuals in need. The Red Cross of Houston has many different locations throughout the area and a complete list can be [email protected]


If working with your hands is your thing then you may be a good candidate to perform community service with the Houston Habitat for Humanity. Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization that creates hosing for low income families that otherwise would never be able to purchase a home and have been living in one shelter or another. With the help of volunteers and the new homeowner they either reconstruct an existing home or completely built a brand-new home for that said family that is paid in full at the time of completion. With the building or reconstructing of the home they require many volunteers skilled and unskilled with the construction of the home. Volunteers not only help with construction but also help move construction materials, paint interior and exterior of the home, outdoor landscaping, interior design, and help feed and hydrate other volunteers. To obtain more information in this organization please look up [email protected] and they are located at 3750 N. McCarty, Houston Texas and can be reached by phone at 713-671-9993

Helping children is one of the greatest community service that can be performed by an individual because children are our future. Times are hard and many children throughout the world go hungry every day. Feed the children is a nonprofit organization that does exactly that feeds the children around the world. One of the fundamental aspects in this organization is that as a volunteer or donator you have the choice of feeding other children around the world or those particularly within the United States of America. Within our homeland are children are not all being fed properly and there are many families and children in need to find more permission about feed the children in Houston Texas please write to 4701 Blalock Rd. Houston, TX 77041 or fax them at 713-331-1036.


The list goes on and on community service nonprofit organizations that are looking for volunteers such as local churches and their food banks, the YMCA in helping children of your community, the salvation army that provides clothing and household items to individuals in need and of course places like the American Cancer Society. So when looking for a location to complete your court mandated community service hours look for nonprofit organizations big and small within your area.

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