Getting Out of Community Service Ordered By the Court

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So you are thinking about getting out of community service ordered by the court? Well, you do not have many options, but there have been cases and there’s always an exception to the rule.

Are You In a COMA?

In one area an individual was in a terrible accident and was in a coma for three weeks. Through the help of his lawyer and much documentation by the hospital he was spared from doing community service because the judge accepted the doctors estimate on the time that it would take for that individual to recover from the accident; which happen to be two years of rehabilitation. In other words unless you had become physically unable to perform the service and have proof three times over you will be required to perform the community service. At some times even with becoming physically unable the courts have still been able to require the individual to perform duties that they are able to do and were made to do so.

Get Serving or Get Jailed

Getting out of community service ordered by the court is wishful thinking, you cannot more than often it’s just a waste of time to try. Yet if you really want to you can write your governor and ask for pardon if you think it will work. This is not to say that you cannot try; this is America and you have a few options to plead your case but you have to do so in front of the judge and because it is not a trial your lawyer cannot speak for you. The burden falls on your shoulders and if you were to ask a lawyer most would inform you that an attempts to get out of community service ordered by the court can and will possibly get you jailed or more service hours mandated.

 Don’t Even Think of Outsmarting the Judge

If you believe that you can get out of community service by outsmarting the judge you are mistaken. Don’t leave the court thinking that you can come back with reasons why you couldn’t do it. You having to work or being sick is no excuse, it hardly ever works and the judges were all types of excuses. If for any reason it is legitimate that you believe you cannot perform the court order community service is imperative that you contact your probation officer to inform them. They will inform you at that point if you have any grounds to stand on and what to do.

If of course you do not have a good relationship with your probation officer and you inform them that you will not or cannot do your community service they may say that is your choice. It is not your choice is up to the judge. Your probation officers job to watch you and make sure that you do not break the law anymore and you follow the orders of the court, giving the excuse that my probation officer did not inform me is a losing battle. It is your responsibility to follow the court order, is your probation officers responsibility to report to the court if you are not following the court order or have broken the law again in any way or form.

 You’d Be Lucky to Get Your Hours Reduced

In an attempt to get out of community service ordered by the court in having a proven legitimate reason if you are lucky you may get your hours reduced or get additional time to do your hours but this is a rarity. To do so you must inform your probation officer for you to speak in front of the judge. At that point a date will be set up the court system for you to speak to the judge to state their constraints that are documented by others with the qualifications to give their opinion on the constraints. Your case must be presented in a way without attitude that comes across as genuine and is based on facts and reality. Excuses not based on facts and reality may come across as disrespectful and should be avoided completely. If facts are found to be false it is considered to be misleading to the courts and considered a probation violation that will result in more fines and penalties including more service hours.

 Save Yourself the Trouble, and Just Do It!

An attempt of getting out of community service hours that is not a legitimate excuse is not a smart plan to undertake. Do not attempt to outsmart the courts they have heard every excuse and have seen many attempts by others that have failed. Community service is not hard to do; it is just putting in your time and effort. It is far better to do community service than it is to put your time in behind bars.


  1. screw this page i was asking how to get out of doing this and this was one waste of fuckin time thanks for nothing

    • Visit our site, and call our administrative director. I think we can help.

  2. I think we can help you. I sent you an email. Visit our site, or give us a call.

  3. I left town due to two family deaths wtf??
    communtiy service is bullshit!!!

  4. well looks like i’ll just do my community service on the ‘chain gang’ picking up trash on the freeway tomorrow at 7am-3am YAY cant freaken wait!!!!!

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  6. Community service is not easy at all. They had me mow the weeds in an open stretch of land that was 1 mile long and 50 ft across. The weeds were easily 6-7 ft tall and weed whackers are heavy AF. No breaks.

  7. If i go to school full time (college) and also work 25 hours a week doing hours during my 6 month probation for driving with no liscence is kind of difficult. Im writting a letter to my judge to see if i could get them reduced or me pay a fine.Is this a good idea would i be able to get them reduced or better yet taken out.

  8. There are many grammatical errors in this article. I can see you failed to proofread before posting. You might want to focus on improving your sentence construction as well.

  9. community service is fucking bullshit. i cant even find a place that will take me

    • Sorry to hear that you are having difficulty. Which organizations did you try contacting? Goodwill or the United way typically has volunteering options. Also local animal shelters.

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