Court Ordered Community Service? Find Ways to Comply

Has a  judge given you the option of completing community service rather than paying a fine for a traffic violation? Or perhaps a more serious infraction of the law resulted in court ordered community service.  With that sentence also comes a deadline for when your service is to be completed, and you may or may not be given any additional help to find an activity meeting the requirements of this order.

Timely Help through Search Sites

Suddenly saving time becomes crucial because you’ll want to get the court ordered community service completed so that you will not incur additional consequences.  How do you quickly find a volunteer activity that complies with the order?  There are at least six major websites you can use to find community service work throughout the United States, and most offer advanced search options so that you can best tailor the possibilities for your particular circumstance. Be sure to review the court documents first, though, so that you are aware of any specific conditions  for your service.

Six Search Options

VolunteerMatch:  Enter your zip code, city or state and get a list of opportunities in your area.  Be sure to match it with the requirements from the court, or go to the advanced search option to specify keywords or search within 29 interest areas, including working to help animals, arts and culture, environmental causes, and military families.

Idealist:  This site has 11,722 volunteer positions listed, and some may qualify for court ordered community service.  Click on this link on the home page and you go directly to advanced search where you type in your country, state or province, city and zip code.  This site offers 57 categories plus the option of keywords, exact words or phrases that you want to see in the search results.

All for Good:  Specify your location and a list of community service events and organizations in your city is revealed.  Unfortunately, there are no keyword options available, so it may be a little more difficult to match your court ordered community service requirements with a specific organization or cause.  You can enter the field or subject you wish to work in, your city and state.  Advanced search lets you define keyword, who you want to work for (if you know), what age group you wish to work with. There is even a choice under programs for court referrals to narrow down the list even further, making this site a good choice for searching out court ordered community service assignments.

Volunteer Solutions: The advanced search feature lets you choose social groups (religious, senior citizens, low income), age groups, and from 50 category of interest.  You can also limit the opportunities by ongoing or date specific. This is the website for the Corporation for National and Community Service. Here you can enter your interest category under keywords, such as military families or environment, and your city, state or zip code.  The search results returned are on the All for Good website.  If your search specifications do not bring up a match, the then have the option of expanding the search to areas outside your zip code or city.

Customize Searches for Compliance

All six of these sites can help you determine the assignments that will comply with your court ordered community service. If distance is an issue, it is even possible to locate organizations within your own neighborhood that need volunteers. The advanced search options make it easy to find volunteer opportunities that best fit your individual circumstance.

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  1. i have to perform court appointed community service i am very interested in helping the homeless by collecting and donating food please advise

    • We are currently operating a food bank, the services that you mentioned are in need at our organization. Please contact us asap if you would like to complete your community service hours with us.

      For more info on how to complete community service hours in a hurry with our organization, visit:

  2. I have to perform court appointed community service, im interested in working with animals, or anything else in the seattle, federal way,wa area

  3. I have to perform court appointed community service, im interested in working with animals, or anything else in the seattle, federal way,wa area

  4. i need some communty service how do i get some i need 160 hours

  5. I have court ordered community service. Do I have to go by the list of places to call? or can I go to any local place accepting community service volunteers?

  6. Can you reschedule court ordered community service?

    • go to the court house and ask for a extention

      • Do you just go to the Court House directly? We have been trying to reach the Public Defender’s office but just get put on hold forever, then transferred and put on hold –hours go by.

  7. im screwed all i want is a phone number to call so i can conplete my court order hours 40 wher can i call thats in yakima

  8. I Need Help On Where To Do 8 Hours Of Community Service , I Live In Tucson , By The North, Any Ideas Please? Thank You! -Leo

  9. i reallly need a place to get my community service done… any suggestions?

  10. I have a non profit but I wanted to do Community service for the court referral. can I have people do community service at my organization or do I have to be recognize by the government.

  11. 40 hrs of community service court ordered


  13. i need 30 hours done by november 8 th

  14. In phoenix and for surrounding areas there is the one step two step operation hope & at risk youth services a 501c3 non-profit corporation it is listed with all courts and maracopa probation and is an approved agency, 602-750-3914

  15. Violation of probation and will probably get some jail time. Im gonna have to do all mine in 2 weeks in order to get off 2 minths early. I have no idea why I am not given the full 12 months like im suppised to get buy oh well.

  16. I’m in Fredericktown mo where can I get some community service hours

  17. Did you ever get an answer? You are the most recent. Do you go to the court house directly or do you go to your Public Defender?

  18. i need a 19 hours what do i need to do i am 13 years old

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