What is Community Service and Volunteering?


  • Making a difference by contributing something of value to you – money, skills, time, advice
  • Helping without expecting something in return
  • Motivating someone to make a difference
  • Taking steps to fulfill the urge or sense of obligation to stand for something bigger than yourself

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    1. Volunteering is the overall act of participating in charitable activities;

      Whether you were court ordered to complete a certain number of hours, or you are required to complete community service hours for your school,

      Therefore, generally speaking, volunteering coves all bases and trickles down to the possible need for recorded community service hours vs freely volunteering.

      For more info on how to complete community service hours with our organization, visit:

    2. My hour;s have to be johnhoward related in someway or approved now i do not get any help from them where can i go to do my hour`s salvation army is out of the question.

    3. would donating books to kids in need be considered community service

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