United Way of King County

A volunteering story by: Khalid Saliem

Alharris loves to help others in any way he can. He sends money to his mom, helps his wife at home in cleaning the house, wash the dishes and encourages his two sons to do their school assignments.
Outside his house also he is reaching out to help others in the community. When he was working with a local bank he volunteered for the United Way of King County in Seattle, Washington to help cleaning and rebuilding a senior lady’s house which was full of debris, bushes and needed painting.

His participation in cleaning and rebuilding the lady’s house was to remove the debris from the house and load it into the truck outside the house, cut the grass and paint inside and outside walls. When he was working in that house he saw many people with different ages from different communities around the area came to help. He met with people with experience in building houses, painting, plumping and others with office work experience were working together to help.

The Inspiration

Alharris has been inspired by his dad, who was always telling him to do the right thing and help others, because a good deed will reflect in the community and inspires others to do the same thing.

He volunteered because he asked himself the following question when he became aware of this volunteering opportunity:” imagine yourself in the same situation of that senior lady, with low income and very limited resources, would you need the help from someone to clean and rebuild your house?”

The Aha! moment…

I learned from this experience that, volunteering is a sense of pride that you are doing something to help improve someone else’s life. If everyone is to make an effort each day towards making a positive impact in someone else’s life, especially people you do not know, then the world can be a better place.

To summarize it in three words…

Help, involve, love.

Why should you do this

I would recommend everyone to be an active participant and volunteer in her/his community, because I believe whatever of good things you do in your community will come back to you, and any help you provide will make a big difference in someone else’s life.

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