Three Opportunities for you to Choose From

Get a verification letter to prove your hours form a registered non-profit organization

Online Opportunities for Court Ordered Community Service Hours

Are you looking for ways to complete your court ordered requirement? we offer 3 opportunities for you to choose from.  All you need is a computer and an internet connection to do get started.

There is a $50 administrative fee associated with these opportunities which helps to cover:

  1. Review of your work
  2. Issuance of a verification letter for you to submit to the course listing your tasks and hours
  3. Phone verification in case where court officials call to confirm the nature of the work and hours worked

For our Refund policy, click here, e.g. 100% refund if your letter is rejected by the court.

Note – please make sure that you are not restricted to do only community LABOR hours.  None of the online opportunities we or anyone else offers would qualify for community labor.  If you are unsure, please check with your probation officer or court volunteer coordinator to reduce the likelihood of getting rejected.  We are an IRS approved 501-c-3 non-profit organization.

If your case is with Hartford Superior Court (CT), Pasadena Courthouse (CA), Hillard Court (OH) or North Las Vegas Municipal Court then please email us (click here) before making a purchase.

10_plus_hoursVolunteering Stories


Write Volunteering Stories

We want to capture inspiring experiences of volunteers. We need your help to capture these experiences in short interviews. For this opportunity, you can help by interviewing friends, family or anyone who has done volunteering work and ask them a seven simple questions. Write them up in a short essay and submit your responses online. If you like to write, this is the perfect opportunity for you. Each story can take anywhere from 2-5 hours of work and we will give you credits based on the quality and length of the story. 800-850 word long story will earn you 4-5 hours of work. If you have volunteered in the past, you can submit one story about yourself.


High-school level writing skills

Your output

We will provide you an online form for you to copy/paste your final submission.



Web Research and Data Entry

You have to do google searches and find website address of non-profit organizations. We provide you the name and address of the non-profit org and a link that you can click on to get started and then use your own research skills to see if the non-profit has an official home-page, if it does, copy paste into a form, if not then click “Not Found” button and move on. Each record takes ~2 minutes or less.

Here is link to the video explaining the task so you can familiarize yourself with what you will be expected to do:

How many entries per hour:

You should be able to complete research and entry of ~60 records per hour. If your productivity varies significantly from this estimate, please let us know immediately and we will figure out a way to improve your research productivity.

5-10 hours Research Study (1)


Online Research Study

Participate in an online research study focused on attitudes and beliefs associated with race, diversity and inclusion. Skills: High-school / GED or higher

Task Details:

It will take about 5-10 hours to complete this online research study. You will be presented with learning materials related to topics of race, diversity and inclusion and you will be asked about your thoughts. The more you share and the higher the quality of what you write, the more hours you will earn. Depending on the quality of your responses you can earn anywhere between 5-10 hours. For exceptional work, we can give 10 hours of community service credits.

Pay the administrative fee and start earning hours today!

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I have got to say this was a lot of work!  I was so grateful when I found this site and my p.o accepted this.  I saved a lot of money in gas and saved my absence from my kids.  Thank you!!  After I finished my hours, i was let go from probation and now living the “American Dream”.  Thank you again

Melissa W (PA)

Mother of 2 (Court ordered 48 hours)

It was very straightforward to complete my court ordered hours.  The court accepted the letter without an issue.  Will recommend this service in a heart-beat.

Bob H (TX)

Court Ordered 50 Hours

I participated in the online research student which actually turned out to be very interesting.  Earned 8 hours from it and then the remaining by writing volunteering stories.  I enjoyed doing that too.  I am so glad I found out about this service. Also, my parole officer had a few questions which answered and my hours were accepted.

Amanda E (FL)

Student (Court ordered 25 hours)

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